To be the best ecommerce you must have the best customer service. Amazon BuyVip

10 March, 2014
To be the best ecommerce to do things like that Amazon has BuyVip. Almost a year ago I placed an order through Amazon and after BuyVip delivered correctly. Almost a year ago this week I received the following email: Dear Customer We will contact you regarding the Polo Ralph Lauren Big Pony Short

Prestashop: Set different prices on the same product with CSV Import.

2 August, 2013
When we are in the same reference, different prices, which do not have a general rule of increase, or have a lot of references, and whenever we have to do combinations of product, we can apply the following method. 1) We conducted our imports from the CSV, with PVP at 0 € and all remaining

New icons of the new IOS 7 by Apple

16 June, 2013
New icons of the new IOS 7 by

Products combinations in Prestshop

11 June, 2013
Guide to create Prestashop combinations of attributes and values ​​that we return the stock Prestashop loaded correctly and appears not to

infographic: Activity levels of business on Social Media.

12 May, 2013
infographic: Activity levels of business on Social

In Social Media: More activity is not more quality

5 May, 2013
Conseguir engagement será el objetivo último dentro de nuestra estrategia social media. El social media no es para vender, sino para crear

What direction have companies?

31 December, 2012
The orientation of firms is related to past industrial processes, but there are many Spanish companies that are oriented

How to apply marketing in SME?

15 December, 2012
What you should know marketers, advertising and communication on the actual application of marketing in


6 December, 2012
Manifesto that includes the importance of branding from the beginnings of the company, why branding is more important than the product or

The Marketing Plan (IV) – Development, parts of the Plan and sample (III)

25 November, 2012
The business strategy as McKinsey & Company, and as the marketing plan must collect intrinsically values​​, mission and business

Step of the Branding Process

28 August, 2013
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Manu Santana in Digital Export Accelerator

19 June, 2013
Manu Santana in Digital Export

What lies behind the Social Media?

17 February, 2013
What lies behind the Social Media? "Nothing." This would be the short answer and accurate of all I've found anywhere. Because ultimately the Social Media is a communication model, integrated with technology