The other day I was reading and looking for information on the essence of the brand. Today no one asks: “Hey, you’ve got me a brand so funny.” No, not usually normal, especially because usually asks who gives no value, and probably because whoever does not will add value. You have to start doing branding from scratch.

Therefore researching online I found a little manifesto of the great brand Motorola.

What is a brand? Manifesto for brand.

It is more than a name or logo.

It is more than a name or logo on a box or a garment.

It is more than the product. The product expires, the brand does not.

Building a brand is not only visual, is the combination of the experience of the product and the service offered to the market.

The brand is a short representation of what the company is and does. This representation must be included in any of the visual elements that perceived internal and external audiences.

The brand must represent intrinsic elements of the company as a clear promise, important to our consumers.

The mark is a distinctive and recognizable personality attached to the brand itself. If a brand is innovative, the brand must be innovative.

The most complex is that the brand is an intangible that ends up being represented by a symbol for memorization mental, but its importance lies in the minds of consumers.

So I recommend that when someone asks us to make a logo, you send this manifesto which includes first, the order is not really asking for, and the value it has.

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