Products combinations in Prestshop

How to load products and combinations to display the correct amount of stock?

After many requests I decided to deep into more specific subjects and help to others who are developing their Prestashop ecommerce. All information contained here is based on experience and two important sources of help such as the community forum of Prestashop and the Prestashop community of Google Plus. For this I wanted to start with the following post as a guide when uploading product combinations (size and color, are usually the most used).

combinaciones-prestashop-manu-santanaA simple advice when loading products from Prestashop CSV, where you have to do a subsequent combinations of products, and to get it right is to do the following:

1. Once generated the CSV with all the information from our catalog. Specify quantity by product line “1″. (Sample of CSV list of products, eliminating the top row)


It is a way of telling Prestashop: “this product will have to paint as there are in stock.” If we leave it to “0″ because you think with the combination back enough, you can find at the end of all cargo that the product is not in stock. Although we indicate the correct amount in the CSV import the following combinations.

(Sample combinations CSV, eliminating the top row)

2. Then load combinations. In CSV the more complex the “one size” and “color”. As in the example.

3. Add a column, which is the amount, size and color for each of the reference.


4. Once we have created the CSV file. We import the CSV in Prestashop.


And within the specified import options “remove all combinations? Before importing?” or in English, which is better translated: “deleted before combinations”. By the way, you should use English to work in Prestashop back-end, there are many translations that are not only wrong but mean the opposite, as the case of “debug mode”

5. We advance in import and observe the results. Thus, the combination has priority compared to the amount of the first charge which had specified “1″. As if we had left to “0″, would the stock to “0″ when really you just imported some combinations.

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