In Social Media: More activity is not more quality

Social Media: Activity is not quality

Like everything in the beginning, always start costs.

Cotinuando with the previous post. The next thing you should look for is within our social media strategy is to achieve engagement, means nothing to get engage our target, create a link or connection between what we propose with our content and target interest , to create a certain dependence or cycle.

At this stage we will have more followers, some new come, others will stop them interested and they will leave. It is at this time when we have to create a control panel or dashboard to analyze if our content is getting the intended engagement, compare with the competition, see inflows, and everything that can be parsed.

At this point is when is a business profile of the company and asks, “Well, it’s social media and how many sales it will generate?” Obviously, the fundamental objective social networks IS-NOT-TO-SELL. It seeks to establish a link between your potential customers and the company as if it were a person (your company how you boy, girl, young perhaps for their communications? This would be another post.

Now if you have an ecommerce, we have to facilitate rapprochement between the product and our fans. Always naturally, without force, and with the intention of creating relevant and interesting content for those who follow us. But relevant information generated sooner or later lose the interest of our audience. Hence the importance of having a good social media strategy.


Planning, planning and planning

I do not know if I’ve written, but for a good work of community manager, good planning is essential. Really, we should plan to have her present in day to day.

We need to know what we will do tomorrow, we should not afford to improvise every day, this would not be a social media strategy, obviously. Now more than one who is reading this will think that planning is the opposite of social networks as a means immediate, active and almost uncontrollable. From my point of view is not inconsistent, we have no limitation of time or space.

Within that planning variables can always arise and it is planned improvisation as immediacy of the medium is its essence.

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