Marketing’s Strategies (IV) How can you grow more?

Last week a vendor told me that his business was not having a good time. It is within the field of stationery, digital printing, etc.

At some coffee while I mentioned that to grow, should expand its sphere of influence, as it had very competitive prices. But there were times when it grew a lot and thought everything was going to continue in the same line up.

Years later, in full plight of consumption only aims to see where costs can be slimming. I’m not saying that you should not do, is something that should be done in stages of growth and at times down. What I advocate is that strategies cuts only get short-term objectives, an “a priori” and possibly reducing billing costs. Downsizing, etc. A goal that is clearly not going to get is the growth.

As for growth in turnover there are only 4 ways. It’s known Ansoff Matrix.

Within the same market can grow through a strategy of “market penetration”, ie to increase market share through increased consumption of products of a particular brand, whether in product differentiation, price, placement, or advertising; make to stimulate market demand. This type of strategy is very relaxed in companies with a vision “business-oriented“, in which your only goal is to “sell more”.

Another option is to open new markets with the same portfolio of products available to the company, thus expanding its potential customers. Always take into account the flexibility to design the offer to adapt to these new markets.

Among the strategies of product innovation, the natural step is the development of products in the market today. The market is known by the company that controls, is thus a way to continue to grow by offering new products to its consumers known. As for example, the very recent launch of iPad – Apple Mini. This is new product in terms of trying to sell more through the development of a new product and price segment.

Finally, the diversification strategy is more radical in terms of the effort that is required by the company and the easiest to get wrong. Since it includes a new product development in unfamiliar markets, so in this case the previous studies are necessary and will be based on the decision making of this new strategy.

This closes the quadrant of the different possibilities for growth. Today it is losing the prospect to grow and companies are focusing only on the cuts. Never fail to have on the horizon each Strategic Business Unit goes through cycles. And the growth of a company is based on innovation to engage in new projects that generate these growth cycles.

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