Are the Marketing’s 4 Ps have passed into history?

After this theory have left many others, like the last one I read in an article In speaking of the P of People. Not being an important element because it is what we are marketing and to whom we seek to address.

But the approach of the 4 Ps, from my point of view, it is a theory comparable to, say, the physical study of how the light falls on objects and these are picked up by a camera. In this example, the light is the element that does not change, and if the photographic technology evolves. Robert Capa’s photographs could have done with a better camera, but the light is what the picture is the main element.

As happens with the 4Ps and marketing. Each of the four elements are inside watertight fit different events that have and are evolving, as in Promotion which in recent years has added social networking within the field of communications or advertising within relationships with consumers.

Thus the essence of 4Ps Marketing suppose to generate a total concept to offer it to the customer as the recent emergence of the iPhone 5 the 2 million sales in 24 hours, certainly a record.

Steve Jobs in one of his last public appearances gave the keys you would turn Apple’s strategy. This was to focus on four variables: Professional / Home use and desktop items / mobile. Within these four variants for each line developed a type of computer, offering a different product for each segment. Was personally responsible for providing a comprehensive and well defined from the point of view of marketing.

Hence the importance of defining exactly each of the key elements to a good Product (upgradeable sure, but one of the best in its sector), Price (high with the goal of positioning and clearly differentiated in the market and maintaining the same price on all channels), Placement (distribution channels of stores are one of the best attended and a dedicated staff. Though the distribution in stores like Carrefour distort under the brand). Promotion (generate the desire to get the product with a product presentation and staging without imitators, supported with heavy advertising in which highlights all of the product).

While it seems easy to define these variables, few brands know the secret formula to get the best balance.

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