How to apply marketing in SME?

How to apply marketing in SME?

To answer this question we must first define what is meant by marketing for SMEs. Considering as classical definition of core marketing 4Ps developed by marketing guru Philip Kotler. The marketing referred to in most SMEs delineates the framework of Advertising (communication, branding, corporate image, etc …). I refer always to the most common, there are always exceptions.

Given this framework, when considering the strategy is very limited by the product, price and distribution channels. For example, if we have a low price product, the design of the strategy will not have a top brand, simply because it would not be credible and consistent. Similarly, if the distribution channel is exclusively an online business, the strategy will be a priority focus online and offline.

Given the little leeway to develop marketing plans with an ambitious and comprehensive strategy, must be developed in a very focused on action and more operational. This does not mean it’s worse, means that it is incomplete.

Normally seek solutions to this way of working is complex, as it involves a restructuring hierarchical level in terms of competences between different levels in organization. You can always rely on close collaboration between these departments so that the end result is something more complex and coherent.

For example, if production from the charge of developing the packaging only takes into account economic or functional for transport. In most products should only have a sad brown boxes. I’m not saying that from the marketing, not consider these essential aspects of the packaging, I mean to give you a sense of communication and a sense to bring value to the brand image. In this example, the marketing used to help force production departments to reinvent new systems and new ways to optimize a great packaging.

Ultimately, the most important is to guide SMEs to marketing. Since many, fortunately less and less, are geared to sales or production, or both.

This arduous task not taught in business schools, as it presupposes a certain acceptance of applied marketing as an activity rather than recognized, but this is more complex picture that has to deal with the specialist, educator and “evangelist “for each department.

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