Prestashop: Set different prices on the same product with CSV Import.

When we are in the same reference, different prices, which do not have a general rule of increase, or have a lot of references, and whenever we have to do combinations of product, we can apply the following method.

1) We conducted our imports from the CSV, with PVP at 0 € and all remaining columns as the example of the previous post.

2) When imports combinations can now set the final price of our product. It’s a way to apply different prices to each color / size, for example for each item. Without having to put a base price and go by calculating the increase of each.

3) Besides this, we performed tests to make cuts, it was one of our fears to apply this little trick, and it worked perfectly to indicate the% discount, which is calculated from the final price and not the price previously had risen to 0 € s.

Attention! This is a solution that has worked to me, and I share it in case someone can be useful, but it is always best to do it with a base price and an increase by reference.
 Problem importing Attributes and Values.

After learning and understanding the structure using Prestashop to generate combinations. Many times you find that combination does not appear correctly on the front-end of the page. And even if you check the CSV that you check that the attributes are automatically generated after loading the CSV … And twenty laps. It turns out that Prestashop, at least in version, not just detect the attributes generated from CSV.

The solution is as simple as entering each attribute. Open it, as if we were to edit, and save. No need to edit anything if you do not want. But with this little tip, and appears correctly sizes and colors on the front end and the ability to buy.

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