What direction have companies?

What guidance have Spanish companies?

Before you jump right into the 5 types of guidance that companies would have to describe the concept of marketing myopia, a very graphic concept that describes how new vicissitudes that can affect the performance of the company will not be detected by long and medium term. There are 5 types of orientation or philosophy that businesses follow.

PRODUCTION-ORIENTED: The best efforts of the company lie in improving your entire production process in order to achieve better profitability and product costs. Effective when you are in a competitive market price (excluding things like the brand or product quality. Example, commonly used pens). The problem exists when the company is focused on production improvements abandoning customer satisfaction or lost customer loyalty by improving internal aspects.

PRODUCT-ORIENTED: They are product-oriented companies, and focus on it to improve its quality, design and performance. Philosophy is effective because it encourages innovation and creativity of the products. But not everything is positive, because we must never lose sight of the need to satisfy primary. For example, if Apple focuses on continuous improvement of the iPhone 5, will be lost. Since the primary need of consumers, mobile communication. Maybe in ten years the mobile communication is through hearing in the palm of your hand.

SALES-ORIENTED: It’s a business philosophy that poses the scenario in which the company believes that it is sold throughout the product it produces and needs to focus its efforts on enhancing its sale. It is a common practice within the philosophies of Spanish companies. It is necessary to boost sales, but still thinking about customer relationships. Normally the seller himself has the awareness that gives the buyer the best product and the best service, no one else can provide without thinking about what their customers really want.

MARKETING-ORIENTED: Companies are driven by the needs of consumers, to give them that satisfaction better and more efficient than the competition. Although this philosophy must satisfy the primary need, and that marketing is responsible for awakening needs not invented, as mobile communication or the need for emergency transport.

MARKETINGSOCIAL-ORIENTED Is the concept evolved from traditional marketing. As well as meeting the needs of consumers in the short term, try to meet them in a sustainable manner for the environment and the environment of the company, employees, suppliers, and other public related directly or indirectly with the company.

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