What lies behind the Social Media?

What lies behind the Social Media?

“Nothing.” This would be the short answer and accurate of all I’ve found anywhere. Because ultimately the Social Media is a communication model, integrated with technology development.

In recent months, I keep getting all kinds of news, tweets, posts, pins, and other inputs, on key social media, the importance of the engagement, the 21 rules that all must follow Community Manager to get more followers , fans, and ultimately that is interested in what you’re talking about.

From my point of view all this is much simpler. To explain it easily, we have to imagine a situation in which we are familiar. For example, imagine for a moment that we are the college professor that we have a group of 10 students, and we want to get to attend our class students because we believe that we have interesting things to say.

The first thing we should do before starting the class, is to have an image that appeals to those students vs. the image we want to convey. Thus the first point we have not even gotten without “opening the mouth”.

As mentioned in the example, we started with 10 students, who are people, with name, with concerns, and we can provide a greater understanding of those students who want to capture. And it is they who will give us the key to access the rest, hence the name of “social networks”.

Another important point is that we will have to prepare an agenda for the entire course, or what is the same thing we have to raise a medium / long term (social networks, lies between 6 and 12 months, depending on the sector and the target ), and prepare a content that will be interesting but always listening to our fans.

Depending on the level of dedication and expertise of the person responsible, the definition of the planning will be higher.

A part of the initial approach, one must always be attentive in the outbreaks that are of most interest to our audience receptor. Since the major contribution of Social Media is the immediacy, the viral spread and speed information.

And we have not yet begun …

And here is one of the key factors, after having a planned strategy, supported on the content that we have prepared. Many of the initiates in social networks, particularly at non-communication (or amateur), start at this point.

Nothing I said in the record of the profiles, because I assume that most start there.

Still frame mounted on our strategy, we can begin to share information of interest to our target, or in the case of the example of the teacher to teach.

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