Redirect Prestashop maintenance page easily

Redirigir pagina mantenimiento Prestashop I have not updated any entries on my website for some time, but several professional and personal projects have been totally consumed :) Leaving aside this small personal note, I will briefly explain how to redirect the “Prestashop maintenance page” in a simple way to a subdirectory , In this case “html”. Within this subdirectory you can create an “index.html” or deactivate a landing page with a more appropriate design or directly to another website. To do this you have to edit the file “maintenance.tpl” of the prestashop theme that we have installed. The redirect I have raised as html code and is inserted directly after the tag The code would be as follows:

Captura de pantalla 2017-06-12 a las 22.49.36

In this example, you should redirect “content =” 0; “to a folder called” / html “. If, for example, you want to redirect the web to a blog that we have installed inside our Prestashop store, you should edit the following: Access this File: classes \ controller \ FrontController.php And modify this line of code:

* Displays maintenance page if shop is closed.
    protected function displayMaintenancePage()
        if ($this->maintenance == true || !(int)Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_ENABLE')) {
            $this->maintenance = true;
            if (!in_array(Tools::getRemoteAddr(), explode(',', Configuration::get('PS_MAINTENANCE_IP')))) 
                header('HTTP/1.1 503 temporarily overloaded');

With these two solutions allows more freedom to maintain a better appearance of a maintenance page. Although you can always use Prestashop. Do you think it has been interesting? I hope to continue to publish small Prestashop tips related to Online Marketing.

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